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Darrell Green likes the direction the Redskins are heading, but the Pro Football Hall of Famer who spent each of his 20 NFL seasons with Washington wants to see more from Kirk Cousins in order to justify a potential pay raise for the quarterback next year.

Cousins’ current base salary with the franchise tag, just under $24 million, is a hefty amount for a QB who has a 20-22-1 regular-season record as starter, including 1-1 this season. And while there’s no denying Cousins is in his prime and produced just shy of 5,000 passing yards in 2016, the lack of playoff success (0-1 as a starter) is troubling for a franchise quarterback.

I mean, each time, different things come up �C it could be new, it could be something similar �C and we just keep talking through it, he said. I think one of the best things for us always is after practice in the meeting rooms. Defensively, we’re always communicating, talking, we’re making the calls we made out on the field. Sometimes we make a call that, at the moment, we thought was right, but we get in there, we watch it, it’s like, ‘Hey, I called this but I think this will work out better,’ and we’ll talk about that right in the meeting room.

I think that allows us to develop communication off the field because, I mean, once you get in the season, we can’t practice everything that will come up in the game. But, just being able to sit through the practice film and to sit through some game film and decide exactly how we’re going to call stuff and then try to keep that consistent once we get out there in the game allows us to keep getting better at communicating. But, it’s something we’ve got to just keep doing and, hopefully, each week, each game it improves and we get to the point where it’s like second nature.

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