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Free agency beckons next winter, and Harper can expect a barrage of questions upon arrival at spring training.

The Captain delivered five championship banners in the Bronx, but by trading the Marlins’ biggest superstar — to the Yankees, of all teams — Miami’s new CEO will be raising a different flag in South Beach in 2018: a white one.

Amid talk of the potential $400 million-plus windfall that awaits, he will focus on leading the Nationals to another playoff appearance and the team’s first postseason series victory after four October flameouts in six years.

Manfred has received generally positive reviews in two years on the commissioner job, but he hasn’t been immune from criticism. In 2017, he incurred some blowback for going light on the Red Sox in the Apple Watch investigation, letting Yuli Gurriel play in the World Series after a racially insensitive gesture and being unaware of Derek Jeter’s plan to slash the Marlins’ payroll.

Manfred continues to oversee changes on the field, and the 2018 calendar unfolds with a sense of urgency surrounding one of his pet issues. Manfred wants to address the game’s lagging pace of play through an agreement with the players union, but MLB has the option of acting unilaterally if a settlement can’t be reached. Either way, get ready for a pitch clock and a limitation on mound visits in 2018.

The Minnesota Timberwolves absolutely destroyed the Cleveland Cavaliers from the opening tip Monday night, beating the perennial championship contenders, 127-91, after leading by as many as 41 points.

For LeBron James, who finished a minus-39, it was the worst he’d been outscored in his entire professional career.

James had just 10 points in 26 minutes, tied for his lowest point total since 2014, and added eight rebounds and five assists. He only took eight shots, and turned the ball over three times. He didn’t play for the entire fourth quarter.

This type of blowout almost never happens to a James-led team, and The King is playing one of the best seasons of his legendary career.

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