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It’s normal for the Cavaliers to dominate headlines as LeBron James moves the needle more than maybe any athlete in the world, but on deadline day Thursday, they made news for a different reason.

Cleveland decided two things coming into the day: they were going to go for it this season, and they needed an entirely different team to do it. What resulted was three trades, involving five teams, 11 players and two draft picks. Cleveland dealt a former MVP candidate, a future hall of famer and the 2011 NBA MVP. It was an eventful day.

At the league’s current $101 million estimate for the 2018-19 season salary cap, $60 million is just about enough for two max contracts for players with 7-9 seasons of NBA experience and about $6 million short of the $65.7 million necessary to sign one 30 percent max player and one 35 percent max player. If they have a need to move that extra money, the Lakers could stretch the final two seasons of Luol Deng’s contract and create an extra $10.6 million that would be more than enough.

Those same tools help Ball make plays around the basket. The only point guards to have blocked more shots than Ball this season are Simmons, Wall, Jrue Holiday and James Harden, and they have each played in more games than Ball. Being able to block shots isn’t as important for backcourt players as it is for frontcourt players, but it adds to his value as a help defender because he can make the occasional play at the rim when the defense collapses.

The franchise can’t afford to have Oladipo as a one-and-done All-Star. Thus, you’re not going to hear coach Nate McMillan toot Oladipo’s horn all that much.

We’re still looking — we’ll still look and evaluate our guys for the entire season, McMillan told Sporting News. We knew he had potential, and we are seeing some of that potential and development and growth from the start of the season to now. But we’ll still continue to work to develop and hopefully he will continue to show even more growth, leading us down the stretch here.

It is different, O’Neal told Sporting News this weekend. You got guys from LA, like (DeMar) DeRozan and Russell Westbrook, and I am sure they are going to try to put on a show. I know I would if I was them, and you have family members there, you have all your people there. It’s a great opportunity to make a name for themselves.

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