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How Giants’ new-look O-line looks after bringing in a winner

Nate Solder is the centerpiece of the comprehensive rebuilding process the Giants are undertaking along their offensive line. But he is not the only piece.

In New England, he was part of Bill Belichick’s carefully interlocked puzzle. With the Giants, Solder will be looked to as the leader of the offensive line and, in some ways, the savior of a unit that will have three and possibly four new starters in 2018.

Much of this will be new for Solder, who turns 30 April 12. The Giants, with a four-year, $62 million contract, made him the highest-paid offensive lineman in the NFL, and with those riches come responsibility.

It’s not going to be one player, so I don’t have the mentality that I’m going to come in and make this huge impact, change the culture and all this kind of stuff,he said. I’m just coming in to play football and be myself and do what I can.

Ebersol’s father, Dick Ebersol, was McMahon’s partner in the original XFL and is a longtime television executive.

To help him steer the league, Charlie Ebersol brought on former NFL general manager Bill Polian, currently an analyst for ESPN. The player side will be overseen by former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu, and the team side will be guided by former USC standout and executive J.K. McKay.

Advisers to the league also will include former NFL players Hines Ward and Justin Tuck, as well as Dick Ebersol.

While McMahon’s league is backed by McMahon’s money, Charlie Ebersol’s league is backed by others, including former Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen, Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund and The Chernin Group, which, among other investments, owns a significant share of Barstool Sports.

I think where businesses like this fail is that they expect to have ludicrous and unrealistic ticket and media deal projections in Year 1, Ebersol said. Our investors here understand that it’s a seven- to 10-year plan.

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