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Former NFL player Kenyatta Jones dies at 39

Kenyatta Jones, an offensive lineman who played four NFL seasons in New England and Washington, has died at the age of 39.

The way Adam Jones crashed and burned as Pacman makes him the Oilers/Titans worst-ever pick, but in terms of production, no first-round defensive back gave them more disappointment than Woolfolk. Tennessee was right to take a corner at this spot of that draft, but totally whiffed by not making him Asomugha, who had several good shutdown seasons in Oakland.

The Redskins needed a quarterback in this draft, evidenced by them taking Jason Campbell a pick after Rodgers at No. 25. After Alex Smith went No. 1 overall to the 49ers, Rodgers had a well-documented slip to Green Bay, which could afford to stash him behind Brett Favre for three seasons. Of all the teams, Washington had no good reason to let Rodgers slide. Sure, Rodgers might have been messed up by starting as a rookie and going through all the different offenses Campbell did, but now no one will ever know. Rogers turned into a pretty good corner, but that really wasn’t until he signed with the 49ers as a free agent in 2011. In some form, whether using No. 9 or working a deal with their other pick, the Redskins whiffed by not ending up with Rodgers.

Folks in Vegas will be getting what could be their last chance to see the local hockey team play in person on Thursday night, when Game Five happens in Vegas. If the Golden Knights lose, they’ll be staying in Vegas for the duration of the offseason.

You should stay right here for a couple of minutes for the highlights of Monday night’s win by the Capitals, which gives them a 3-1 lead in the best-of-seven series.

Ryan Shazier continues to proudly progress with his recovery.

The Steelers linebacker pumped up the Pittsburgh crowd Wednesday before the puck drop of Game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs series between the Penguins and Flyers.

Shazier stood to greet the PPG Paints Arena audience before leading a let’s go Pens chant, which got the building roaring with excitement.

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Brett Favre worries about CTE after probably thousands of concussions

Brett Favre was diagnosed with three or four concussions during his career, but the Hall of Fame quarterback guesses he had probably thousands.

Favre, who has become an advocate for concussion research, worries about chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) after taking the number of hits he took in a 20-year, 302-game NFL career.

As we’re learning about concussions, there’s a term we use in football and maybe other sports, that I got ‘dinged,’ Favre told NBC’s Megyn Kelly Today, via The Associated Press. When you have ringing of the ears, seeing stars, that is a concussion.

My point in this is: 30 years ago, there wasn’t a problem in anyone’s mind from playing football. It was just a matter of being tough, and the ones who stuck it out and made the most of it. Now, what we know, is it has nothing to do with toughness, and that’s a lot scarier. So I look at my career as something wonderful. I didn’t know; had I known in Year 5, I would have looked at my future a bit closer as my career unfolded.

Actually it’s his receivers making great catches for him, laying out for the ball or going high. I’m not saying he’s never going to be a quarterback, but right now he’s a long way away.

Rodgers’ effort to dismiss the report in sly, subtle, and sarcastic fashion serves only to make me believe it even more. That said, I don’t fault Rodgers for being pissed about not getting a fair chance to speak his mind about the firings of Van Pelt and Nelson. Heck, I’d be pissed if it were me, and I’d expect Rodgers to be pissed if I were the Packers.

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Michael Crabtree agrees to three-year deal with Ravens

Nearing a deal went to done deal in a hurry. Michael Crabtree returned to the team facility to sign a three-year deal worth up to $21 million with the Ravens, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports.

The Ravens confirmed the signing in a tweet.

Murray represents a lot of high-profile players, including Dellin Betances. Last spring, after the Yankees beat Murray and Betances in an arbitration case, Yankees president Randy Levine held a conference call, blasting Murray for trying to have the All-Star Betances paid like a closer instead of a setup man.

Quick hits: For the first time since 1982, the NCAA Selection will not be on CBS. TBS will broadcast the Selection Show, as well as the complete Final Four. The two entities will combine on the productions so Jim Nantz, Grant Hill and Bill Raftery will have the call of the championship game. Yankees fans are ready for the season. On Friday, their exhibition day game on YES outrated regular-season night games from the Knicks, all three local NHL hockey teams and the NBA on ESPN.That viral video of the Ardsley High Schooler stealing and heaving a game-winner that has been viewed nearly 2 million times was shot by sports writer Kevin Devaney Jr. Devaney is a high school sports savant, who was let go by News 12 Varsity at the end of last year. Devaney was also on hand, as an analyst, for the last viral high school video, when New Rochelle hit what became known as The Shot five years ago to the day.

After two years under the franchise tag with combined earnings of nearly $44 million, Cousins will experience a rarity for upper-level quarterbacks: a true bidding war for his services. The Redskins have moved on to Alex Smith, whose acquisition will become official when the new league year begins March 14. Cousins could set a new bar for NFL contracts, perhaps in excess of $30 million annually.

Although he never matched his early-career production after the 2015 trade to the Seahawks — in part because of a serious patellar tendon injury that season — Graham remains a major weapon in the red zone. His 10 touchdown receptions (on only 95 targets) in 2017 were tied for second in the league. Someone will see major value there.

Suh can still be an elite-level interior player, even if he doesn’t produce eye-popping sack numbers. He keeps himself in excellent shape and, when invested, requires the attention of multiple blockers. Any honest appraisal of him must note his inconsistent effort level, but overall, he is one of the few potential difference-makers available on the market.

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Jets swing huge trade with Colts to move up in draft

The NFL draft is not for another 40 days, but the Jets have already made a big splash with a blockbuster St. Patrick’s Day trade.

Gang Green moved up three spots in the first round Saturday, acquiring the No. 3 pick from the Colts in return for the Jets’ first-round pick this year (No. 6 overall), two second-round picks this year (37th, 49th overall) and their 2019 second-round pick.

The Jets entered this offseason knowing they had to find a long-term quarterback. They tried to land top free agent Kirk Cousins, but were rebuffed. Once Cousins chose the Vikings, the Jets moved onto Plan B, signing veteran stop-gaps Josh McCown and Teddy Bridgewater and trying to move up in the draft. They had spoken to the Colts earlier this offseason about making the move, but talks heated up this week once they were out of the Cousins sweepstakes.

That led to the Jets shifting to their original plan of landing one of the top quarterbacks in the draft. They secured McCown, who had a strong season for them last year, and Bridgewater, who could be the starter this year if he has recovered from a devastating left knee injury, and now they made their move to get their quarterback in the draft.

The move came without the Jets having to surrender their 2019 first-round pick. Most teams in recent years have had to give up a future first-rounder when moving up to grab a quarterback. Still, the move came at a hefty price. Three second-round picks are nothing to sneeze at, especially for a rebuilding team like the Jets.

Worked for the NFL, right? a smiling Marchand said while standing next to Bettman, announcing the new agreement to 17 reporters from and three interns from other outlets with waning interest.

Perpetual perpetrator Andrew Shaw went headhunting for Dallas defenseman Greg Pateryn, and Shaw ended up getting the worst of the collision, seemingly suffering a concussion. Pateryn was obviously upset with the hit, and didn’t help matters by punching a helpless Shaw while he writhed on the ground. But was Pateryn incorrect when he said: That speaks for itself, the way he plays. That’s why he has four or five concussions a year?

Ugly situation all around, and reinforces the fact that this piece from Real Sports should be mandatory viewing for all those involved in the NHL.

You probably saw, or at least heard about, TB12’s appearance on CBS Late Night with Stephen Colbert a couple of weeks ago? He chugged a beer, whipping Colbert in a contest just as he might have once done as a student at Michigan.

I said, might have. We’re not casting any aspersions here.

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How Giants’ new-look O-line looks after bringing in a winner

Nate Solder is the centerpiece of the comprehensive rebuilding process the Giants are undertaking along their offensive line. But he is not the only piece.

In New England, he was part of Bill Belichick’s carefully interlocked puzzle. With the Giants, Solder will be looked to as the leader of the offensive line and, in some ways, the savior of a unit that will have three and possibly four new starters in 2018.

Much of this will be new for Solder, who turns 30 April 12. The Giants, with a four-year, $62 million contract, made him the highest-paid offensive lineman in the NFL, and with those riches come responsibility.

It’s not going to be one player, so I don’t have the mentality that I’m going to come in and make this huge impact, change the culture and all this kind of stuff,he said. I’m just coming in to play football and be myself and do what I can.

Ebersol’s father, Dick Ebersol, was McMahon’s partner in the original XFL and is a longtime television executive.

To help him steer the league, Charlie Ebersol brought on former NFL general manager Bill Polian, currently an analyst for ESPN. The player side will be overseen by former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu, and the team side will be guided by former USC standout and executive J.K. McKay.

Advisers to the league also will include former NFL players Hines Ward and Justin Tuck, as well as Dick Ebersol.

While McMahon’s league is backed by McMahon’s money, Charlie Ebersol’s league is backed by others, including former Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen, Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund and The Chernin Group, which, among other investments, owns a significant share of Barstool Sports.

I think where businesses like this fail is that they expect to have ludicrous and unrealistic ticket and media deal projections in Year 1, Ebersol said. Our investors here understand that it’s a seven- to 10-year plan.

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It’s normal for the Cavaliers to dominate headlines as LeBron James moves the needle more than maybe any athlete in the world, but on deadline day Thursday, they made news for a different reason.

Cleveland decided two things coming into the day: they were going to go for it this season, and they needed an entirely different team to do it. What resulted was three trades, involving five teams, 11 players and two draft picks. Cleveland dealt a former MVP candidate, a future hall of famer and the 2011 NBA MVP. It was an eventful day.

At the league’s current $101 million estimate for the 2018-19 season salary cap, $60 million is just about enough for two max contracts for players with 7-9 seasons of NBA experience and about $6 million short of the $65.7 million necessary to sign one 30 percent max player and one 35 percent max player. If they have a need to move that extra money, the Lakers could stretch the final two seasons of Luol Deng’s contract and create an extra $10.6 million that would be more than enough.

Those same tools help Ball make plays around the basket. The only point guards to have blocked more shots than Ball this season are Simmons, Wall, Jrue Holiday and James Harden, and they have each played in more games than Ball. Being able to block shots isn’t as important for backcourt players as it is for frontcourt players, but it adds to his value as a help defender because he can make the occasional play at the rim when the defense collapses.

The franchise can’t afford to have Oladipo as a one-and-done All-Star. Thus, you’re not going to hear coach Nate McMillan toot Oladipo’s horn all that much.

We’re still looking — we’ll still look and evaluate our guys for the entire season, McMillan told Sporting News. We knew he had potential, and we are seeing some of that potential and development and growth from the start of the season to now. But we’ll still continue to work to develop and hopefully he will continue to show even more growth, leading us down the stretch here.

It is different, O’Neal told Sporting News this weekend. You got guys from LA, like (DeMar) DeRozan and Russell Westbrook, and I am sure they are going to try to put on a show. I know I would if I was them, and you have family members there, you have all your people there. It’s a great opportunity to make a name for themselves.

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Five NBA buyout candidates from past decade who prove small signings make big difference

In the lockout-shortened season of 2011-12, Fisher joined the Thunder after being waived by the Rockets, who acquired him at the trade deadline. Having won five NBA titles prior to signing with the Thunder, Fisher brought championship experience to a young Oklahoma City team featuring Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Kevin Durant.

Their teams rebound better when they are on the floor. That is, umm, not the case for Maker. The Bucks secure 78 percent of opponent misses when Maker is on the bench, but only 73.8 percent when he plays, per That is the difference between a top-10 defensive rebounding team and one that is even worse than the worst one in the league (Atlanta).

Maker’s biggest physical advantage — speed — doesn’t mean much when he has inside position, as centers typically do on defense; there is no one to scoot around. But he’s so skinny, with such unrefined rebounding instincts, that players of all sizes and speeds can scoot around him. Behemoths shove him out of the way.

The score was still tied at the end of those three minutes, but it served as a reminder of what Ball, the No. 2 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, is capable of when he puts it all together. Ball had experienced more downs than ups in the 25 games leading up to the Lakers’ nationally televised game against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden, so much so that some were already wondering if he was a bust.

It all came together Saturday night when Ball posted a line of 18 points, 11 assists and seven rebounds while shooting 6-of-10 from the 3-point line in a 116-112 win over the Spurs. Ball hit half of his 3-pointers in the final three minutes of the game, pushing the Lakers to victory behind a 36-21 advantage in the fourth quarter.

He went from hitting the side of the backboard to he can’t miss now, Randle said after the game (via ESPN’s Ohm Youngmisuk). [Ball is] just confident out there, making plays, making huge, huge shots down the stretch for us.

And it’s not all about Ball’s offense — last year’s No. 2 overall pick has been an active, pesky defender for much of the season. LA’s defensive rating jumps from 102.0 when Ball is on the floor to 108.1 when he is on the bench (roughly the difference between a top-five defense and a bottom-five mark), and the team’s defensive rebounding percentage drops nearly two percent when he sits. Ball causes problems with his long arms and active hands with 2.7 deflections per game, a number right behind Marcus Smart (2.8) and Draymond Green (2.9).

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Although it’s commendable that he’s determined to play, this isn’t worth it. If you wish to submit obituary or -memoriam notice, please click here to place your notice. We’re all brainwashed to win the World Series, he said. Allowing that to happen would have a FAR GREATER impact on the outcome of the game than for a ref to throw a flag when a rule is broken. ‘t we want people to make a living. Former Lakeside Champion Burnett also be action, having returned from suspension on the PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour 2016, where he won two tournaments out of 11 during the year. Six were African American women. They’re calling a player what he is.

I still look at this and think it looks like the worst core of all 30 teams. And then there were the drops Rodgers wanted to get his pass-catchers, especially his No. Power play general and two late goals to get Cheap Jerseys From China us over the hump. He has a 0 and 0 WHIP 31 innings his last five games. After leaves thinking she had declined his invitation to Panama , , unaware, moves forward with his plan and goes to meet the coyote, who has the location of escape plane to Mexico. Oftentimes those business decision are two sides, so it make sense for us and for him right now just to kind of get him the fold, get him to work, and we’ll see how it goes, Cowboys coach Jason said. I really appreciate him, Seferian-Jenkins said.

Coverage of the bobsleigh two-woman, cross-country men’s 4 Wholesale NHL Jerseys x 10 km relay, freestyle women’s aerials, short track women’s 3000 m relay and speed skating women’s 5000 m. He said he thought about calling a timeout. The vast majority of Gold Glove recipients are repeat winners, sort of making the award like a concussion-once a player gets one, it becomes progressively easier to get more.
We’ll make sure that we pressure him and if he does scramble, be there to make him pay, Robinson said. Iowa, but the staff still swears about his work ethic. There was no serious tactical advantage that would have come with Puig bolting for second if the throw came to first. I feel like throughout my career I’ve always been placed where I’m supposed to be placed, Chandler said.

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He also tied for fifth the league by landing 34 punts inside opponents’ 20-yard line. Round 10, Geno Cheap Hockey Jerseys Smith, Sr, West , 6, 220.87 20, Barkley, Sr, Southern Cal, 6, 230.84 38, , rSr, Cheap Hockey Jerseys Arkansas, 6, 218.90-2, Nassib, rSr, Syracuse, 6, 228.02 52, Mike… NEXT Magic: Host Atlanta on Wednesday Nike NFL Jerseys Size Chart night. He’s interested kinesiology, pathology, and neurology and wants the mixture of academics and athletics. One of the women kicks off her flip flops before they exchange punches. I think training is not about numbers, it’s about getting ready for the . He served a four-game marijuana suspension to begin this . By the end of the 2013 , he had played 831 of his last 832 regular games.

Schofield, as a youngster, was more interested baseball than football, and started playing football as a sixth-grader with the Orland Park Pioneers youth football program. Combined shipping discounts be applied during checkout. Zero integrity. It was his music. He’s a rare talent with great tools and even better motor, and his consistently improving understanding of the game has made him one of Chip ‘s best players. The 6-foot-1-pounder present a sizable challenge for New England’s offensive line – he has 35 tackles this year, to go along with a team-high six sacks. Curry’s 51-foot shot was the spark on a night that began with his playing status doubt because of a sore left Nike NFL Jerseys Size Chart quad. He wasn’t a part of Miami’s playoff rotation, however, and he still has some work to do to repair his reputation. Elbow surgery limited Wieters to just 101 between the 2014 and 2015 campaigns. At the end of his first training with the Yankees , Pineda complained of tightness the back of his right shoulder and had to start the on the disabled list after undergoing MRI and being diagnosed with tendinitis.

This , leaguewide, it is used 59 percent of the time, with 12 personnel another 17. The Browns went into intermission with a 7 lead, and the quarterback change did not pay off. Wholesale NFL Jerseys Nike He left for the bright lights of Boston 2005, but he was welcomed back as a strong veteran presence to help the team September and Basketball Jerseys For Sale the postseason. Pence posed for selfies around the room before ordering a pulled pork sandwich with a side of BBQ sauce. He once told me that he was barred from using the pool, softball fields, and tennis and basketball courts Wholesale NFL Jerseys Nike closest Basketball Jerseys For Sale to his boyhood home Southeast D.C. I would be with bringing Ingram if he can play 4. There are RBs with more upside falling to have three or four by this point and the scarcity of usable WRs puts a premium on having two the first three rounds and four by the eighth. With Humphries out and Shorts on injured reserve, the Buccaneers look to integrate the newly-promoted receiving duo of Josh Huff and Donteea Dye into the passing attack.

And it was taken — by seventh-round draft choice Seantrel Henderson.

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His parents keep him out of the public eye as much as possible, but he regularly attends the Trump Invitational Grand Prix at Mar-a-Lago, and, when he was younger, took him to the Upper East Side’s hottest children’s social event of the year, the Memorial Sloan Kettering Hop. He was always perceived as the shot, the low draft pick that nobody ever expected to be able to materialize into much. The idea of seeing Eberle a Bruins jersey is certainly a titillating one. But there is one issue that weighs on him: the state of his relationship with the Cubs and the ugly way it blew apart nearly six years ago-a sad episode that, he believes, turned public opinion Chicago decisively against him. If LaVine is out, Belly gets a bump for Saturday, but it not be too much. The home sweep at the hands of one of baseball’s worst teams was the final, cruel punctuation on a 5 stretch. You ‘t go undefeated then lose to a 500 team by not taking them seriously. That’s a lot of money wasted if he never plays a snap and his history points to him being a better weapon than what we have on the field now.

The fact I made the NHL didn’t’ really hit me all , because I was busy just preparing for each game, but this is when I finally realized how lucky I was to play the NHL. A handful of homers and a couple of steals is all he’s good for, but he does have solid gap power which could improve the MLB Jerseys China next year or two. Another intrusive burial case cited by Brown is a skeleton found 1971 Moab, Utah. Smyly didn’t make a habit of throwing high fastballs with the Tigers. It’s exciting, but this one feels different and there’s no doubt the kids are a part of it. I know a lot about him as a player, the ‘ Troy Brouwer said Chicago, where he’s attending union meetings. Alfredsson, originally from Sweden and advisor to the Swedish World Cup team, said it was special to hear the Canadian anthem for the first time as a Canadian citizen. At Park, he played quarterback a high-powered shotgun offense, and excelled on the as a baseball player the .

Under normal circumstances, most fans ‘t even know the names of defensive backs coaches, but wouldn’t fly under the radar if he were to get his coaching start Baltimore. He made said he, general manager Sabean, manager Bochy and team president Baer all reached out to Sandoval during the negotiations. As a Cheap Jerseys China Texans fan, show your team pride with a signed Cushing jersey or Cushing autographed helmet. It’s instructive to look at his ranks a Wholesale Jerseys All few categories. He’s the best receiver on the market and he’s going to get paid this offseason.

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